About 30FRM

About 30frm

Marty Remillard author of 30frm.com

Hi, my name is Marty Remillard.

I’ve been a marine, a contractor, a developer, a realtor and am now a mortgage broker in Sarasota Florida .

If you are looking for an insight into buying a property in Florida from the perspective of someone who has dealt with most angles of it, then you may have come to the right place.

30frm is my blog to you, where I will enlighten you on how the mortgage business works and explain some of the mortgage options which are currently available.

If you just want a bit of a laugh while I rant. I have that covered too. You decide if I deserve your time once a week!

As a licensed mortgage broker in Sarasota Florida there are certain restrictions on how I explain things to clients on my business website.

Thanks to our constitution I have the right to Freedom of Speech; so this blog, 30frm is MY OPINION and MY INTERPRETATION of how I understand some of the rules and regulations that represent the current red tape involved in the mortgage sector. Understanding this will assist you in successfully getting a mortgage.

Disclosure: For those readers who are interested in getting a mortgage in Florida, my business website is Solutions First Mortgage and is based in Sarasota on Florida’s beautiful west coast by the Gulf of Mexico.