Because we care

Because we care

Last night was no different to many others. During the day I meet with people at my office and. as I know most of you work very hard during the day you cannot always make it to my office during business hours. There are often times I make trips out to visit people in their homes in the evening and last night was no different.

I arrived at 5:30 pm and the couple there were in their 70’s wanting information on reverse mortgages. I brought along my standard information and FHA/HUD booklet for them to have. I like to keep things very simple. I am not a pushy salesman or aggressive, like I am when playing a sport. I am more like a mortgage coach for beginners. I understand my field intimately and I can go head to head with those who think they are the best.

I generally start off with a talk about their goals and why they are inquiring about a reverse mortgage. I ask questions on what they know and what they have heard good and bad. I educate in a way that people can understand.Some people can handle a lot of information fast and others need a slower pace in order better understand how it all works.

Next, I get in to the structure of the reverse mortgage and its design. How best to use it for their specific situation. The reverse mortgage has many different programs and every person should have the right to have it adjusted and to select the program that best fits their comfort level and needs.

I never leave until all questions are answered and people can explain the program back to me. When people have a full understanding how things work, I allow them and give them sources to research to verify the information I gave them is correct and they have the time to think about the loan program that would best fit them.

I have always received good compliments, but last night was different and I was there almost three hours with them. The couple kept on saying positive things about me and my explanation. The most striking one was, “I never rolled my eyes or treated them like they were stupid”.  I am not saying this to boast, but rather to tell you how bothered I was to find out other loan originators had been there previous to me. I could not imagine people being treated this way and especially our seniors.

We work in this industry and we are supposed to be licensed professionals responsible for helping people create or enter into contracts which often creates the largest debt in their lives. I cannot believe after the market crash that there are still many individuals so desperate for compensation that they need to treat others in such a negative way in order to try in close a deal.

Because we care

Everyone needs to be treated with respect, care and to be educated in a professional manner. If you feel you’re not being treated this way. Please pick up the phone and call you state government or federal government agencies or call us, we will answer all you question in a professional manner. Get your facts before you move forward with any type of loan. Get all your questions answered and understand what you are about to do. Make sure it is right for you and we will see you at a happy closing table