Being a Responsive Consumer

Being a Responsive Consumer

Our office is structured so that all calls or emails get returned by the end of the business day. The office is set up with coverage from 8:30am until 7pm and we also have staff on call after hours and on the weekends. We know how important it is for the consumer as well as the Realtors to have access to us. We understand the importance of the time frames in your purchase and sales agreements. We only wish you did too.

In order for you as a buyer and your Realtor to be competitive in the market it’s important to be able to close your sales and purchase contract in under 30 days. The time frames are tight and with a very responsive buyer we can get these transactions completed in under 21 days. We have had several fully approved and ready for the closing table in under 14 days.

Recently we had two different buyers, both with similar sales and purchase contracts and both of the different buyer/borrower’s profiles we very similar financially. Both contracts had 30 day closing dates from a fully executed offer.

The first buyer was very responsive and when we requested items or needed paperwork signed they had it completed that evening and when we returned to the office in the morning everything was waiting for us. On this file, we had the clear to close in 20 days, and closed early on day number 24.

The second buyer had one excuse after another, we can’t find our paperwork, I was too tired after working all day. We had to go grocery shopping. You ask for a lot of items it will take us time to find everything. Then we hear I already sent that to you, no we asked for complete tax returns you only sent us your 1040’s your missing all your schedules and W2’s and it goes on. Needless to say, we had to ask for two extensions and this file, it took 54 days to close.

We have taken a lot of heat for other people’s failures or lack of responsibility. If anything at all, please be accountable to yourself and you may find you’re not struggling all the time to make ends meet. Please be responsive, take action, ask questions and I am sure we will see you at a happy closing table.