Desire of Homeownership

Desire of Homeownership

Desire has a funny face, some people have a strong desire to want something, like a toy, car or home while others want something different like control and power. Looking back,  how I grew up was quite different from my cousins who lived across the street from me and yet somewhat different from even my own brother who had the same parents living in the same home.

My parents each worked multiple jobs most of their lives. My mother worked in a factory and also cut hair 3 days or nights per week. While my father worked two or three jobs most often changing jobs ever few years out of frustration. He also complained about being capped on his abilities or pay while my mother worked at the same two jobs for over thirty years.

Thinking about my parents, it’s easy to look back now and see why my brother has worked at the same place for over 35 years. On the other hand, I am always looking for ways to improve my position. Yet having the same parents and growing up in the same environment and living completely different lives with much different desires. My cousins, of course from the same grandparents went on different paths in their own ways. So, sometimes it’s hard to understand even coming from the same family, everyone is wired so differently.

Desire of Homeownership Depends on the Person

Many different people have different reasons or desires to want or need to buy a home. Homes buying can be easy for those who are disciplined and are willing to work for it. Those who are looking for a hand out or think they should have a home because they are entitled to it may find themselves ‘BTR’, Born To Rent.

Our lives are full of choices and the ones we make are the ones that send us down different roads or pathways. Whether we are working at the same job or believing it’s never too late to change directions or make adjustments.  Our abilities are only limited by our willingness to succeed and the availability to be resourceful. I have seen people who are very smart and had started out with nothing while others have seemed to be handed everything in life.

Desire of Homeownership Depends on Circumstance

I have seen a father of 5 working 4 jobs 2 of which were full-time jobs while still working 2 part-time for over 4 years. His wife stayed at home to care for the children and two were handicapped. This father had a very strong desire to be able to purchase their first home for his family. It was a tough loan but we were not the ones who going to stop him or let him down. Together we worked with him on getting his family the home they earned and deserved.

I have seen others who had everything handed to them, even a million-dollar home and a condo on the beach, only to lose it all when their parents had passed away.  Living on someone else’s brain power doesn’t automatically make you a smart or disciplined person. It’s your desire and willingness to improve, earn, and achieve good things that will help you get the things you want and hold on to them.

I have been around some very inspiring people in my life and have a read a few leadership books in my time too. But of all the things I have learned there are a few things that stick out in my brain the most:

  1. From my parents, never let anyone limit you or tell you what you are worth,
  2. From the Marines Corps, never think that you can’t do something.
  3. From author John Maxwell, “if you can’t change the people, change the people.”

I can’t force you to want to own a home, but if you have the desire to and the willingness to work towards homeownership we are here to help you get it. Ask questions, get your facts, set yourself up with the right people and we will see you at a happy closing table.