DIY Mortgages

DIY Mortgages

“Do It Yourself” mortgage loans? Nope I don’t think so. They are almost in existence. Today it’s easy to find places on line to apply on line. Even my business website even has an “Apply Now” button. But what is the difference between  applying on line and completing a full loan approval on line without ever talking to someone.

I remember as a kid my Grandfather complaining about all the stupid people who were purchasing stuff from the “Sears Catalogue”. He would say why don’t you just go down to the store. See what you’re actually going to buy. Check out and verify the items quality, make sure it’s want you want and it’s the best item or fit for you. Plus, if later on, you have an issue you know who to go see and complain to.

Today, things are different! We want everything instantly and what the heck, have it delivered so we don’t have to stop what we are doing. Why do people have the mindset that there is nothing to think about? If you want it, get it. It’s just right there at your fingertips – just click and pray. Oh, forget the pray part we stopped doing that too.

Don’t misunderstand me, DIY mortgages are not like buying a book on in the internet or buying home supplies and having them delivered. That stuff is all well and good, but getting a mortgage loan on the biggest investment of your life is on line?

You need to think about a few things here first. If someone actually has an office, you can visit or at least have access to them by phone and you can explain your position or explain what you are looking for versus getting the vending machine treatment.

Think about that for a minute, You, put in a few items and hit the button, the reply comes back approved or denied. Great, denied why? Income is there. Or you are approved, but wait, only for how much? Or, I wanted a different type of loan, why are you approving me for this or that? And my favorite comment I hear form people who have tried this, why are you calling me I didn’t apply with you?

The way it should be is like this. When you are working with me, you can call me, email me, come to my office or visit my website, either way if you want to start the with your basic information at your convenience you can go to my website or ask me to send you an email or text messages. You can hit the little blue “Apply Now” button. Put in your information, I will call you and we can talk about your goals, income, credit and debts and then find the best loan product that fits you.

Understand the process and why it is so extremely important for your home purchase. It’s not like buying a book or a pair of shoes on line, it’s about your future. Ask questions, know who you are dealing with, get all you facts and know all your options and we will see you at a happy closing table.