30 FRM Florida Mortgage Blog

30 FRM – Florida mortgage blog is my attempt to try and clear up some of the misconceptions involved in getting a mortgage plus a few others within the real estate market and connected industries.

I’ve been a contractor, a developer, a realtor and am now a mortgage broker in Florida.

If you are looking for an insight into buying a property from the perspective of someone who has dealt with most angles of it, then you may have come to the right place. You decide!

If you just want a bit of a laugh while I rant. I have that covered too.

As a licensed mortgage broker there are certain restrictions on how I explain things to clients on my business website www.solutionsfirstmortgage.com

Thanks to our constitution I have the right to Freedom of Speech; so this blog is MY OPINION and MY INTERPRETATION of how I understand some of the rules and regulations that represent the current red tape involved in the mortgage sector and real estate markets.

Florida Mortgage Blog

My overall ‘tldr’ view on mortgages and real estate is that they are far too complex on too many levels. Legislation has made things complicated in an effort to avoid the legal prosecution of everyone involved. Unfortunately by doing so the powers that be have managed to rewrite legislation in such a manner that nowadays less than 50% of people that apply for a mortgage actually come close to getting one.

Families looking to purchase a new home now need to seek professional and impartial advice WAY BEFORE they even start looking at potential new homes. One of the most heartbreaking things to watch is a family who are all excited about buying and moving into a new home is to watch their dream shattered because their paperwork is not in order, they have been given poor advice or they simply went shopping out of their price range.

This Florida mortgage blog and my company site aim to educate buyers so that they are PREPARED FOR EVERYTHING.

This Florida Mortgage Blog is obviously aimed at the Florida Mortgage Industry, but much of it is applicable to the mortgage industry in other states as well.