Independence Day

Independence Day

A King rules his kingdom as the supreme ruler. He can give and take it away. To have a home and land was one thing, but to lose it because someone thought it more fitting for it to be theirs was not too long ago out of the question. Imagine working most of your life to achieve such a goal of home ownership only to have it stripped away in a single moment.

It’s very easy to forget where we came from or not to remember the negative things in our past. Most of us want to always stay positive, grow old and be happy. We work most of our lives yet, some will work until they drop as they will continuously be in debt. Two Hundred and Forty-Two years later our human habits haven’t changed much but our situation has.

In 1776 our country’s forefathers declared our independence from a ruthless tyrant named King George. Many people had their homes and lands stripped from them of course, in service to the King.

So, who is the King or Queen today? And no, I am not talking about the royal family on the other side of the pond. I am talking about you and I, who is the king of our home and land? Who does have control of our homes, are you renting or have a mortgage loan on your property?  How can we gain home ownership free from debt? How can we use what we earn to our best advantage to gain financial independence?

As July 4th is upon us and we celebrate our country’s independence and our individual freedoms from a King and the celebration and the sacrifice of those who fought for that freedom back then and throughout the past 242 years to maintain our ability to be free, to have the ability to obtain home ownership and be debt free from a King or a Lender, let us take time after the celebrations to make our plan for home ownership and if you already have a home, what can be done to work towards financial independence and be debt free.

So, make your plan, ask questions, get the facts, call us and we can help. Let’s become more independent together and enjoy our own Independence Day when the mortgage is finally paid off.