It’s Just Sneaky

It’s Just Sneaky

Do you remember when you were a kid and you did a paper or drawing at school and when you got home, your mother would put it on the refrigerator for all your family and friends to see. There is no doubt your mom was proud of you and she wanted the world to know that. She maybe wanted to encourage you to continue to do good work. Maybe the deeper meaning was to teach you as you grew older that if your work was always good enough you should put your name on it for everyone to see.

I know many of us receive letters or postcards in the mail. The mail looks like a check or a notice from your mortgage lender, but it’s not. It probably has some partial facts about you, your home or information about the mortgage loan. The letter or postcard tells you how you can reduce your monthly payment or save hundreds of dollars per month by lowering your interest rate. It catches your attention and of course you get excited and you want to call the number on the letter or postcard. But when you do you realize it’s not your lender.

So, you find yourself reading the letter or postcard again only to find at the very bottom in the fine print it’s a different lender or brokerage. Further on, reading the small print you see that in order to get that advertised rate you need a higher credit score and a larger loan amount.  In most cases the larger loan amount is greater then the total value of your home. But what they did is get you to call them. These sneaky people tricked you in to calling them and to twist and find a way to get you to refinance for their benefit and selling you on that, they are there only for your benefit.

I remember my childhood when I look at these postcards and I think, if they are not willing to put their name right on the very top of the card or letter maybe they just are not proud of what they do. Maybe the only way they can get business is to be sneaky. If they are sneaky here at the beginning what’s going to happen doing the process of refinancing. What are they going to sneak in on me later on? Are They going to do something I am not going to catch until its too late?

Think about that, get your facts, ask questions, talk with us and you will see we put our name at the top of everything and we will see you at a happy closing table.