More Than Today

More Than Today

I have always had in the back of mind what my goals and dreams were. Unlike most, mine are written down and have been part of my long term business plan. I meet with many people every month and have a full view of most everyone’s financial picture. Although people are very different, and we’re as different as each other’s finger prints, most people break down into just a few different types when comes to people who are ready to retire.

Some are wealthy whether from inheritance or who have seriously worked hard for what they currently have. Others have worked hard for a corporation for many years and have saved and maintained a good retirement plan or pension throughout their working life time. Many have either struggled or just simply didn’t save any money for retirement; these people are the ones who retire in poverty or have to keep working into their 80’s.

Yes, I said that, into their 80’s. Still renting and bagging groceries. I know that sounds rough but the fact is we all have access to the same or similar information. It’s our decision-making abilities that puts us different positions at retirement. The fact is most of us do work hard throughout our lives and most want to retire and enjoy our silver or golden years.

We all may not be able to save tons of money throughout our life time. Some will suffer injures or illnesses that will put us in arrears or have such large set backs that we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Although there are people we try to help attain home ownership only to watch them continue to avoid our advice and not make the necessary changes to succeed. These people we say are BTR, born to rent.

Buying a home today is not just to avoid being a life time renter, it’s about making it part of your retirement plan. Whether your goal is to pay it off and being mortgage free or just simply building enough equity to do a reverse mortgage to have the security of never being homeless.

Your home should become a major part of your financial plan for retirement. Not including it could be mean the difference from living month to month waiting for your social security check to come in and living a good active live after your working years.

You need to get all your facts, set up your financial plan, ask questions, research and you want to understand more about how to use your home as part of your retirement plan give me a call and we will see you at a happy closing table.