Putting Up the Good Fight

Putting Up the Good Fight

I know my family listens, but I often wondered how many others really listen to me when I am retelling stories from my days in the Marine Corps. I have never seen anyone roll their eyes or even get bored when I repeat the same stories. So are they just listening to be respectful or are they tuning into the lessons that maybe within them.

I work with people from all different walks of life. People may come in with a similar goal but its their attitudes that are completely different and can be tough to work with. Some come in dysfunctional and looking for a handout, while others think that their feet don’t stink and I should be on my knees kissing their smelling toes just because I am in their presence.

The differences in attitude are as different as finger prints or financial profiles. Some people are extremely grateful and cannot believe I can really help them get into a home while others fight me and question everything I ask for to complete the mortgage loan process.

It’s the attitude that can make my day or make me wonder why I am doing this job. They say one’s credit score is a reflection on one’s attitude towards their desire to repay. Since credit score is one of the biggest drivers of the interest rate one is offered, I would really like to add a quarter percent to the interest rate of the ones with bad attitudes with the loan process. It’s really a great thought, however the parameters are set so everyone is treated equally and to protect those who need protection from the bad guys.

If you really think about it, isn’t attitude the best driver for success or failure? At what age does one take responsibility for their own actions and attitude? When do we start to understand that if we have goals it is only oneself that can limit our own ability to achieve one’s goals. Is it any different if I wanted to travel by plane to my favorite vacation spot, that I give the pilot or flight attendant such a negative attitude that my fight becomes a journey through hell. Why do some people fight those who only want to help them achieve their goals?

This is probably why I enjoy working with my follow Veterans most of all. It’s something that most people could never understand. The Brotherhood, yes, that includes you too Lady Veterans, for those of us that have served, we know when to fight and fight hard. We know when to follow orders and how to respond quickly without hesitation or question. Next to the pleasure of helping a follow Veteran attain home ownership, it is the discipline and quick response times that makes the loan process so much easier and enjoyable for me to complete the file.

Remember your attitude not only affects your credit score but it also affects the way you would expect the process to go. So, leave your bad attitude outside the door. Come in to our place where everyone is happy to see you and help you reach your goals and dreams. Do this and we will see you at a happy closing table.