Taking Responsibility

Taking Responsibility

I have always loved animals wild or domestic. I watched for years how animals behave. For all my life, we always had a dog in our home. I spent many days in the woods, mountains, and swamps hiking, fishing or hunting. I realized that the more time I spend in the woods, the more likely I was going to see the different wild life. The more disciplined and behaved I was the more I had the chance to see different animals behave.

Being outdoors is my best escape for the business I spend most of my time doing. But there have been times I have wondered,  ‘If I was to give a mortgage loan to an animal, which one would be the most responsible?’

Would it be a squirrel? They always seem to be packing everything away. They are always in a family group but they always seem to be fighting with each other.

What about the redheaded woodpecker? I mean, he really looks beautiful with all the brilliant color in the morning sun, yet he is always making holes in things.

Hmm, a coyote? They are very family orientated, no too aggressive and always roaming.

A bear? A bear is more of an adventurous guy but always digging into other people’s garbage and he is lazy. He sleeps half the year.

Maybe the female deer would be the best choice! The doe always stays close to her young ones. She teaches her fawns to look for danger and search for food. She maintains the family unit and always welcomes back her previous year’s fawns. The doe always watches for danger while the fawns eat and play and alerts them when danger is approaching. When her fawns are grown, and have babies too, they remain together as a family. Yes, the female deer over time is the most responsible one.

In writing this I have to chuckle as I have a vision of the menu at a Chinese restaurant with all the animals on it relating to people and the year they were born. So, I thought would it be better basing someone’s ability to get a mortgage loan based on the year they were born or the animal they most resemble. I mean really, we can no longer use commonsense in this industry when underwriting a mortgage loan. It’s purely what you can prove on paper and of past-history.

What if I looked at the 18-25-year old’s and related them to the coyote. They are always roaming around. They are aggressive partiers and living a short life, yet always running back to the den.

Do I see the 65 to 85-year old’s like the squirrel still packing away all the nuts and saving for a rainy day, never spending one dollar and always fighting with the neighbor?

Do I look at the 25 to 35-year old’s as the woodpecker with all their student debt, fancy cars, but everywhere they lived they never owned and they poked holes in everything on their credit report.

Yes, so chances are I am going to look at the 35 to 45 year olds as bears. Half lazy and half adventurous. They still haven’t settled down and still want to party like its 1999. No savings and always spend most of their inheritance, even with their parents still alive.

The 45 to 65-year old’s will be more like our deer still taking care of the kids and grandchildren. Still paying for everything and feeding everyone in the family, still warning the younger generation since most are still living at home.

Maybe it just doesn’t matter what kind of beast you are, you just need to stop having excuses as to why you can’t or why it’s screwed up. Be responsible. Take responsible action. Not paying bills or getting student loans to live on so you have more money to travel or party with is insane.

So many of our younger generational kids are getting student loans to party and travel with, because the interest rate is below 6%. Meanwhile while credit cards are over 18% plus the student loans can be deferred while they are still not working.

What is wrong with people? Is this what they learned in school. Where is the responsibility. Why are parents paying for their 20 and 30-year old kids. Don’t they realize they themselves are going to have to work for ever and not be able to retire in dignity. What has happened to our moral compass? Where are our responsible leaders today? When are we going to wake up and realize we are not all wild animals.