What Makes You Special?

What Makes You Special?

Talking with my wife the other night after watching a movie we had seen several times, she asked me what did I like so much about the movie that we have to watch it some often. My response was misdirecting, as I said we have done this with other movies too. She agreed but stated that certain movies have an impact on me for long periods of time afterwards. So after thinking and wondering if I should even open my month I asked her if she has ever seen me not win at something.

Everything I have done since the very first year I played little league baseball, I have either made the all-star team or played and won in a championship game. Throughout my whole life whatever I did, I won some type of award; from Baseball to the Marine Corps I won awards, from working as a building contractor, Realtor to mortgage broker, I have excelled.

This is not about me winning but about you the borrower.

Every so often, sometimes unexpectedly, we have a potential special borrower who comes in looking for a mortgage loan to purchase a home with. And seriously we have had nuclear scientist, retired air force Colonels and top CEO’s of large corporations. Most often it’s pretty exciting to see very successful people come in looking for our assistance. We even had FBI agents come in – talk about eyebrow raising. But no matter who they are, they all come in, in a humble manner.

When I sit with these people I treat them no differently than anyone else. I go through my small introduction and then the mortgage loan process with of course my commentary of how they will think the underwriters are nuts when they see the conditions within the loan approval. We all laugh and I tell them I will remind them of this conversation later on.

In today’s mortgage world it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. To the underwriters – who are afraid of being fired, fined or imprisoned – you are just a number which they are trying to measure the risk factor of. It doesn’t matter how many awards you have received or how many fast food chain stores you own, you will be going through the same process as everyone else.

Today we not only have the rules that have been around for decades but now they are enhanced and are being enforced like never before. They are designed so that everyone will have to prove their ability to repay and everyone will fill out the same loan application forms and receive the same types of disclosures.
In our office you will be greeted with a smile and receive the same professional courtesy as every other person that comes through our doors. So I hope you take a moment before you walk into a bank or mortgage office and ask yourself what makes you different? Otherwise the only difference you should experience is the professionalism from the person you’re dealing with.